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Posted by f3 on February 26, 2001 at 15:12:17:

In Reply to: Re: Help with Channel 10 drum problem posted by Mike on February 26, 2001 at 13:56:45:

Mike -

I'm a QSR user, so I don't know all the ins and outs of the QS keyboards, but I'll take a shot at what you should try next.

One thing I'll note at the outset is that if you can play your sequences by turning GM off and just using the Multitimbral Mix, that's the way to go.

When you turn GM off on the QS keyboards and still want to use it to play sequences, I think you have to also set your Keyboard mode to Ch1 - Ch16, which is how the QS goes about turning "Local Control" off. What that means is that the keyboard (the Local Control) no longer is connected directly to the QS module, except for one channel that you specify. So, you sacrifice as a target of your sequence one of the 16 channels, and use that one to transmit from the keyboard back to your PC for recording etc. In return the other 15 channels will receive info from your sequencer and play your sequenced tunes. I think you do this in the Global Edit pages near where you turn GM on and off.

GM is fine for initially auditioning midi files you obtain that are written in GM format, but can be limiting because of the many GM constraints. So, again if you can get out of GM mode on the QS I'd suggest you do so.

Also, I don't think this is a part of your problem as you've described it but it may be useful info to keep in mind (and another reason to ditch GM). One of the other GM mode constraints on the QS is that while in GM mode, the QS won't respond to any incoming Bank change messages. So if you are sending a bank/program message from your sequencer to call up, say Preset 1, Program 037, the QS will ignore the bank message and use only the program number you send it -- that is, it will call up Program 037 in the General Midi bank.

Hope this helps.


: That is EXACTLY how it is f3. I can use ALL other Presets, but I am stuck with the GM
: drums when in GM.

: I'm trying to use my computer sequencer.

: Say I go through these steps:
: --Bank(Global)
: ---Page 7 MIDI: ON(or OFF)

: I have MIDI: ON

: It'll work with my sequencer, and I can record and playback EVERYTHING except the
: drums, which stay GM.

: I tried to turn it OFF, but now I can't hear anything.
: I'm guessing there's a few steps I've got to take to get it to work.

: Also, when I turned it OFF, all of my MIX channels won't change.

: Hope you can help some more, thanks a bunch for your time!

: I've read the manual, and I keep trying to find something, but it's just not fitting together for me.

: : Mike -

: : When you are in "General Midi" mode, some things operate differently, one of which is drums.

: : First, as you probably know, Ch 10 is set aside exclusively for drum sets. Second, the drum sets that you access on Ch 10 in General Midi mode are not those available in the preset and user banks. The GM drum kits are a separate set that are only available on Ch 10 in GM mode (and are not listed or discussed anywhere in the Alesis manuals that I know of).

: : The kits are things like Standard Set 1, Power Set, Jazz Set, Brush Set etc. and all conform to the General Midi standards. If you go to Ch 10 while you're in GM mode and scroll through the programs accessible on it you'll see these kits change. Note that in most caes, the same kit is associated with several program numbers -- for example, 000 to 006 are all Standard Set 1, then 007 to 015 is Room Set., and so on.

: : To get at the Alesis preset and user bank Drum kits you either have to work outside of GM mode (turn it off and use the Multitimbral Mix instead) or if you stay in GM mode use some channel other than 10 to assign the drum kit you want to use and just don't use Ch 10.

: : f3

: :
: : : I'm new to getting everything set up with my QS6

: : : I'm using a SERIAL cable on my PC instead of MIDI in/out, had to install the alesis serial driver.

: : : I reinitialzed my board, as I just got it, and that'll wipe out any other stuff.

: : : I CANNOT get the Drums on Channel 10 to work with any of the PRESET PROGRAMS
: : : it's always on "StndrdSet1"

: : : I can switch to any other channel and use all of the DRUM PROGRAMS, and any other
: : : QS6 sound, but on Channel 10, I'm stuck with General MIDI please Help!

: : : I'm set up like:
: : : **
: : : MIX GenMIDI 00
: : : *GM Multi
: : : **

: : : Then I just push "Page" to choose a channel.

: : :
: : : I have settings as follows:

: : : **
: : : GLOBAL
: : : **
: : : (page 6)

: : : General MIDI: ON
: : : (page 7)

: : : I/O: PC 38.4K baud
: : : (Page 15)

: : : Midi Out: OFF
: : : (Page 16...................Should I have that "THRU" ?? Why please?)
: : : (I don't have any other sound modules yet, but I'm thinking of using my Creative Wavetable
: : : as a SAMPLER, it can store up to 32mb samples!!! High quality, as good as or better
: : : than the QS6. I think That's when I have to use THRU correct?

: : :
: : : **
: : : MIX
: : : **

: : : (Page 1)

: : : (Page 2)

: : : (Page 3)

: : : Thank you!

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