Doh! That's the volume slider, I feel dumb. Sorry, I just wouldn't be able to live without many controllers, if I had my way, I'd put 6 pedal inputs on the thing! -nt-

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Posted by Eric on February 27, 2001 at 03:48:26:

In Reply to: Really? I'm not doubting you, you would know since you have one... but I've seen pictures of them with two, so I wonder if there was a model in between? -nt- posted by Eric on February 27, 2001 at 03:45:45:

: : : : This topic came up and another forum and this was Dave Bryce's reply (who used to work for Alesis)
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: : : : Question 2
: : : : What is the difference between QS.0 and QS.1?
: : : : IE: QS6/QS6.1 QS7/QS7.1 QS8/QS8.1
: : : : I can't find any sources on this, and surprisingly, none at Alesis.....

: : : : This question is not as easy to answer as it appears. Here's the deal:

: : : : When the QS series first came out, there were four synths, released in the following order - QS6, QS8, QS7, and QSR. The QS6 was different from the other three, in that it only had 8 MB of ROM (mainly missing the big Bosendorfer piano sample) where the other three had 16 MB, and it only had one card slot where the other three had two. Additionally, it only had one continuous control slider, where the 7 and 8 had four (the QSR, being a module, has none).

: : : : So Alesis decided to upgrade the QS6 to bring it up to the same specifications as the others. However, while doing so, the engineers felt compelled to make some other changes. The first thing that they added was a new display, because they had received a bunch of feedback that the display was too small. The new display looked much bigger, even though it actually does not display as much info as its predecessor (the old one was a 2x16 display, where the newer one has a 1x16 line and a 1x10 line), but it looks bigger. They also added two new buttons - [Transpose] and [Seq. Start]. These buttons did not add any new functionality - they just provided dedicated access to these two pre-existing parameters. The third thing that Alesis did was to significantly increase the output signal of the instrument. The result of this was that when you set up a 6.1 next to a 7 and 8 (like, for example, in a music store), it appeared that the 6.1 sounded better.

: : : : Consequently, Alesis decided that it would be a good idea to produce the QS7.1 and the QS8.1 - these instruments are exactly the same as their non-.1 counterparts, with the exception of the bigger display, the two new buttons, and the hotter output. Apart from that (and two new programs in the user bank) all QS synths are otherwise pretty much identical - there are one or two other minor differences, such as the 6.1 only having two outputs and two pedal jacks, where the other three have four outputs and three pedal jacks; plus, the 6 and 6.1 have no digital outputs, where the other QS synths all do.

: : : : I hope this clears up that mystery for you.

: : : : dB

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: : : : My added note : I think they changed (improved?) the gm bank sounds.

: : : : Rod

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