It also may simply be that...

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Posted by Eric on February 28, 2001 at 05:48:14:

In Reply to: May be clipping posted by f3 on February 27, 2001 at 16:42:26:

you are maxing out your 64 voice limit. Piano sounds on the QS often use 4 voices in the patch, and many bass sounds do as well, meaning your limitted to having 8 notes going similtaniously (8x(4+4)=64). When this happens it will instantaniously cut out the last sound played, and will often sound like the instrument is ticking. Remember, this doesn't just mean notes you're holding down, but also voices that are being sustained by the pedal or even by a slow release rate. This is often a problem during mixing, especially when you have a lot of slow voices going on at once.

For some reason I have a feeling that it's not a clipping problem, because that usually sounds more like distortion (it basically is distortion), even if it's slight. If you do see a "!", it may be a clipping problem as described above, but if it ticks at the very moment you press down a key, it's very likely a voice max-out problem.

On thing that might help to correct this to lower the "Sound Overlaping" level in the "amp/level" function, for each voice. This will cause all sounds that are repeated on the same key to drop out (or lower the level of) any sounds on that key that were made previously.

- Eric

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