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Posted by f3 on March 16, 2001 at 15:44:54:

In Reply to: Re: QS7 won't change instrument definitions in Cakewalk posted by Mike on March 16, 2001 at 12:27:26:

I agree with Mike's suggestion to get out of GM mode and use Multitimbral instead. GM is ok when you first obtain a midi file from somewhere that's in GM format and want to give it a quick listen to decide if it's a keeper, but to use the full range of patches and functions available in the QS turn GM off and use Multitimbral.

One problem is that when in GM mode, the QS won't respond to bank change messages, so you're limited to patch changes in the GM bank only.

Also, you're limited to the GM drum kits in Ch 10, which are not to my knowledge identified or described in any QS documentation. The program nunmbers for these drum kits in GM mode are 00 - 127 (with most occupying several consecutive patch numbers). So, when you turn GM off, you'll probably also have to repatch one of the regular QS drum kits to Channel 10, otherwise it'll now interpret the patch 00 that cakewalk gets from the midi file as a keyboard on Ch 10 rather than a GM convention Ch 10 drum kit.

Also, check in the Sysex view in Cakewalk and delete any Sysex messages at the beginning of a midi file you've obtained in GM format. More likely than not, there's a universal Sysex message telling the QS to go into GM mode first thing, so all the other stuff you do will be for nought if this message is going out at the beginning.

Lastly, once you've opend the midi file in Cakewalk and done all this re-patching, save it as a regular Cakewalk .wrk file, not as a midi file. Otherwise, you'll end up going through much of this stuff everytime you re-open it.


: : As a brand new Cakewalk user, I imported the QS7 instrument definitions into Cakewalk
: : Home Studio 9. I took a MIDI file and played it through my QS7 set on Global MIDI mode ON and it
: : played fine. I tried changing to different instruments in different banks, and it will only
: : play the GM banks. I can change to different voices in the GM bank, but I can't access any
: : of the other QS banks or Q cards. What have I done wrong?

: Your QS7 needs to be setup properly to play non-General Midi patches. Instructions: Use User Mix 00 (Multitimbral). Turn GM=OFF on QS7.

: Select "Controller 0" as the bank select method in Cakewalk. Select both the bank and the instrument you want to use in your mix from the drop down list for each midi (music) track used in Cakewalk.

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