Re: Voice samples on a Flash RAM as synth/organs

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Posted by f3 on March 20, 2001 at 17:48:58:

In Reply to: Voice samples on a Flash RAM as synth/organs posted by z on March 20, 2001 at 03:17:22:

I experimented with something like this a few months ago. I didn't keep track of the details of parameters etc. but here's what we did.

I basically recorded a male vocalist doing some "oooh" type phrases. I kept the original sample and the loop points fairly large (and did a bunch of compression and normalizing etc. to get them stable). We only recorded a few select notes because that's all we needed. I then burned these onto a FlashRam card and went through several of the organ patches in the QS (I have a QSR) and created some new User patches that drew upon my vocal samples instead of the organ samples that were there. Sometimes we replaced all the existing samples voices, sometimes we left some of the originals there and just layered in ours. I think we got some good results using a patch called Phantom Organ or something like that and a few others. Anyway, that was the process to try to find something that worked.

This experiment was one little piece of a fairly ambitious project that's going on in my studio right now. It showed some promise and I think the guys I'm recording this project for may want to get back to it eventually, but we've also experimented with some other ways to get the sound they want, like stretching the original samples, or lining up multiple copies with cross-fades plus adding bunches of effects to get what we're going for.

If you get something interesting going down the QS path, let us know -- I'll do the same.


: hello all,
: im looking for a way to have a looped, sampled phrase sound as though it were an organ or a synth, so it would be a voice singing the part, but effect heavy, sound like a synth and without the speed cycle of the sample. Is this possible? any ideas for possible parameters? my idea was to use sound 1 as the voice from the card, sound 2 as a synth, much louder and un filtered than the 1st sound. is this confusing? thanks for your help.

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