Re: HAs anybody ued a Qs6 as a Master keyboard? Mine doesn't work properly!!!

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Posted by Bob on April 26, 2001 at 08:39:42:

In Reply to: Re: HAs anybody ued a Qs6 as a Master keyboard? Mine doesn't work properly!!! posted by David Moore on April 25, 2001 at 23:59:40:

: : Hi: I've got an Alesis Qs6. Recently I've bought a sound module Roland XV-3080, and I want to use the Alesis as the Master keyboard, but when you play fast, the module freezes!!! it gets hung!! (I use also as a Master keyboard for that module a Korg M1 and a Roland D-70 with NO problem at all!!!! But I need to use the Alesis for that thing...
: : Also, using the Alesis as the master keyboard, when I change the banks, in the module they change in a strange order!!!

: Its more likely to be the module that is hanging than the synth. What is the module?

: Can you be more specific about the "strange order" in the banks.

: I have used my QS8 quite successfully as a master keyboard. If speed was a problem, I would expect mod wheel
: message sto be the biggest problem, not note ons/offs

The problem with bank change messages is that the Alesis cannot be made to send a MSB/LSB other than what is pre-determined by it's own banks. For example: all Alesis synths use a controller 00 followed by a value from 0-8 depending on the number of banks available. You cannot change the value(MSB)of the message. Therefore,unless your module can either re-map the value number to the desired bank,or has it's banks preset to respond to values 0-8 (and only Alesis synth's do, by the way)you're out of luck.This is the only major flaw of this series of synth's as master key/controllers, and it's a dooosy! The hanging up part is in your module-check that you have properly wired midi cables,etc.

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