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Posted by Les on May 18, 2001 at 18:55:14:

In Reply to: Controlling mix effect sends from a sequencer posted by TimoS on May 18, 2001 at 03:47:59:

: Hi,

: I want to have one mix with all my sequences so the sequencer will select instruments, their levels pan positions. Can I also select effect level using CC? Or do I need to write sysex commands for every track to do just that, which means no real time tweaking???
: How do you guys setup your QS mixes for use with sequencer. I used to have own mix for every song but I now I feel that its not very practical and I want something else.

It depends on what kind of sequencer you use. if you have Cakewalk, you can do lots of real-time editing, and you can save your setup (mix) for each song,
so you don't have to switch mixes on the keyboard. (Use the Multitimbral mix for all your sequences).
Cakewalk will allow real time patch and bank changes on all tracks, and you can use the mixer window to edit certain parameters.
Faders and knobs are assignable to CC#, and the QShas also assignable controllers. Find a few unused CC#-s, and you'll be able to send customized control data
to your synth from Cakewalk. Many other sequencers have similar features, but I prefer Cakewalk.

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