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Posted by David Moore on June 03, 2001 at 19:23:11:

In Reply to: Re: Control leslie with a foot pedal posted by Don Van Doornik on June 03, 2001 at 13:37:49:

: I can't give you a step by step walkthrough, but I can tell you I've reassigned the leslie control on a QSR to work with the pitch bend wheel instead of the mod wheel. To do this, I entered the edit mode for the effect, which will be one of the leslie configurations, and then changed the controller source to the pitch bend wheel. I'm assuming you can do the same for a pedal input but I don't know for sure, since the QSR doesn't have any pedal inputs. Hope this helps...

: : Just wondering if anyone could walk me thru how to get a foot switch to take the place of the modulation wheel on my qs7 so that it will control the leslie effect. I can't seem to find this into in the manual (if it's even possible)
: : Thanks!

The QS does not appear to allow you to reassign the controller no for the sustain pedal,
which rather sucks. However, you can edit this on a per voice basis. Go\\Press edit twice (
to get into effects edit) and hit "70" and you can assign the source for the lezley speed.

Normally it wil be the mod wheel, but you can change it to be the sustain pedal.

The only prob with this is - it still acts as a sustain pedal as well!

So, instead move the sustain pedal to pedal 2 and assign the source away from the mod
wheel to the pedal #2.

This is all rather lame - the controllers should all map to global controller nos in global edit,
and you should use control numbers, not physical devices, in the sound mapping.

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