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Posted by Figuerol on June 07, 2001 at 10:16:34:

In Reply to: Re: sequencing with preset bank posted by Nelson Vaz on June 07, 2001 at 04:12:43:

Thanks Nelson!

My question was more about the computer software than the keyboard midi procedure

It is absolutely correct what you suggest. I have tried it, and it works that way

The problem is that without an instrument definition, I have to do every change, every time I want to play a different song!

I am buying Cakewalk Pro 8, so I am afraid Emagic has lost a client

Thanks again and take care

Best regards,


: : Hi

: : Does anyone know How I can use "preset" and "user" banks from my QS6.1 for sequencing with Micrologic?

: : By far, I am using ONLY GM bank

: : :O(

: : Thanks!

: : Figuerol

: You should be on multitimbral mode (or MIX mode on your QS), and then assign a program for each of the 16 available midi channels on your Alesis (use the BANK buttons and up/down for selecting the bank/program - don't forget to turn each of the programs to ON - see manual). Then, go to your sequencer, assign a certain track to a certain midi channel, and you'll hear the various differents instruments previously selected on the QS as you go down/up the tracks.

: Note: for this, your QS should be on OUT1-16 (go to the global settings - you'll see you'll loose the channel you select, but there's not much to do). If you chose Normal, all the various midi channels will sound at once. Even better is if Micrologic has a QS definition already as standard, meaning that you can select patches directly from your sequencer, but I don't know that software. If this doesn't makes sense to you, reach me at

: Best of luck,

: - Nelson

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