Improved QS rhodes - what do you think?

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Posted by greg j. on July 01, 2001 at 00:39:18:

Hey everyone, I've been interested in making a good-sounding rhodes on my QS for a while. The presets just plain suck, (except maybe for one mix preset called scootr's EP) so I started fiddling with an 8mb flash card and some d/l'ed samples. It came out really good, but I lost the .syx file, and I'm too lazy to burn more samples and make it again.

Soo, I decided to see what I could get from the stock QS8 samples. What I mainly want is some input as to how people like it - what could I do to make it better? Download it and try it out - the program will be called Rhubarb, program 01 in the USER bank. Some of the downsides are: bad 'tine' sound, uses three voices (1/3 polyphony), and it gets a little muddy if you play with the pedal or do any rolls.

Any feedback is welcome - I will be working on this, and on a Flash RAM version for a while, until I hopefully get it right. I have a killer sample of a tine from a rhodes, so I hope adding that will help out.


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