Re: Compatible Expression Pedals for QS8?

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Posted by Drasch on July 05, 2001 at 03:19:20:

In Reply to: Compatible Expression Pedals for QS8? posted by Audrey Lane on July 04, 2001 at 17:20:47:


: Hello everyone

: It's nice to see all the friendly help going on here, that's why I decided to come here for help.

: I'm wondering what expression pedals are compatible with my Alesis QS8? To control volume and other controllers I think.The Manual seems to indicate that the Roland EV 5 is a good one but I'm curious if there are any other, cheaper alternatives because it looks kind of expensive.

I'm using the EV 5 on my QS8.1 and I'm very happy with it. I've tried a cheaper one (Doepfer FP5) before I got the EV 5, but it wasn't compatible although I was
told it should be.

Anyway, the EV 5 has a very useful Knob to set the
minimum volume. Normally when changing the pedal to
minimum you won't hear anything, only from about half
way to the max you start hearing the sound, but with
the minimum volume knob you can use the full range of
the pedal to control between your adjusted min and the
max volume. This is excellent for live-performance.

Hope this helps in your decision!

:-) Drasch

: Thanks so much! Hope to hear from one of you QS-experts soon :)

: Audrey

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