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Posted by Jason (a different one) on July 05, 2001 at 13:23:57:

In Reply to: Roland VS-1680 Question???? posted by Jason on July 05, 2001 at 10:25:14:

I can't speak definitively for the 1680, but I have a VS-840EX and here's the procedure on that model: Advance to your mark point, then hold down the CLEAR button and press ENTER/TAP. To clear all mark points for a song, first hold down SHIFT then do the same procedure, at which point it'll ask "Clear all markers?"

If it turns out not to be the same for the 1680, you might want to post this on the 1680/1880 board at VS Planet:

Although you may have to wait awhile. The entire site appears to be down at the moment.

: Hi i got a Roland VS-1680 and a Roland CDR burner and i am having some problems with
: "Markers" when trying to burn CDs. When i mix my songs down to the 15-1/16-1 mixdown tracks i have 4 markers
: that i cant delete, so when i burn the CD there are markers in the middle of songs, so one song is 2 or 3 tracks on a CD player. How do
: you delete markers? I found out how to move them from the "utilites" -> "Markers" page, but i
: cant figure out how to delete them. Someone please help me! Reply or email at

: Thanks,
: JAson

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