Re: Compatible Expression Pedals for QS8?

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Posted by Bob on July 07, 2001 at 22:35:59:

In Reply to: Compatible Expression Pedals for QS8? posted by Audrey Lane on July 04, 2001 at 17:20:47:

: Hello everyone

: It's nice to see all the friendly help going on here, that's why I decided to come here for help.

: I'm wondering what expression pedals are compatible with my Alesis QS8? To control volume and other controllers I think.The Manual seems to indicate that the Roland EV 5 is a good one but I'm curious if there are any other, cheaper alternatives because it looks kind of expensive.

: Thanks so much! Hope to hear from one of you QS-experts soon :)

: Audrey

OK, here's my 2cents worth: Alesis recommends the EV-5 pedal because it's the only one that works decently. Trust me I've tried many.The Korg\Yamaha pedals aren't compatilbles. The Fatar pedals distributed by Emu\Ensonique, Kurzweil and a host of others are the closest thing you'll find, but they don't work smoothly. The QS synths have a tendency to cram all the data into a vary short throw range of the pedal and there is no way to calibrate minimum or maximum pedal range.It simply was left out of the OS, which I find odd, by the way.The Alesis techs can't explain it either-yes I've spent time on the phone with them about this very subject. The min. range knob on the side of the EV-5 pedal raises the minimum throw from 000 to whatever you set it at. However, there is still alot of dead space on the pedal before and after value has reached 127.Can be very frustrating when trying to control a swell or fade-out.Volume tends to jump. Here is the fix: Open the pedal casing and loosen the set screw on the bracket that turns the pot inside. Pull the pedal all the way back and re-tighten the screw. Bingo! that'a all there is to it. The pedals throw will now start right at 000. You'll still have dead space at the end but overall it's way easier to control when the play is removed. Second question about toggling footswitch.A standard footswitch (open or closed) will work for toggling Leslie effect, as long as you assign it to do so.You will need another switch to toggle on\off assigned from pedal 2 input. A multi-button switch probably won't work. Oh, and Audrey,I've never seen a spring loaded pedal. If they did exist-why would you want one? Way too difficult to control smoothly imho. Peace, Bob.

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