Re: QS backup battery mystery? Help please

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Posted by Bob on July 23, 2001 at 12:37:44:

In Reply to: Re: QS backup battery mystery? Help please posted by Karl on July 23, 2001 at 03:23:57:

: : THANKS a LOT Bob and Karl, your help is SO much appreciated and helps clear up a lot of the misconceptions and confusion I had about the battery because the manual doesn't really say anything about it :(.

: : Bob if you're still around, I'm curious, which cover on my QS8 am I supposed to remove? I can't seem to find any panels.. and also, why does the synthesizer last longer when it's on? Is it because the battery isn't in use when electricity powers it? Also... I am curious as to why I have generally seen reports of synth batteries lasting only 2, or maybe 3-5 years. That's so conservative!

: : Thanks again for your help! Your time taken to reply to me is much appreciated :)

: :
: : -Audrey

: :
: : P.S. does the battery also store GLOBAL settings and MIXes?

: Synth makers are conservative as McDonald is.
: I mean, they feel they have to warn you that your coffee is hot to avoid being suited if you get burned...
: The battery retains all settings you can change, ie
: global and mixes settings.
: The memory battery is not used when your synth is turned on. (I think it's not true for all synths, specially vintages one)
: The panel you have to remove is the black plate under the keyboard. Before opening your synth be sure you understand (at least partly!!) what your doing.
: You have to be careful with static electricity since a discharge can damage your synth.
: Avoid rubbing your running shoes on a carpet before touching the pc board... In doubt, ask someone at a good electronic store to get advised on safety procedure before servicing electronic boards.
: You can also mail me directly at but my english is not always "straightfoward"!
: Karl

As Karl has stated, manufacturers are conservative in some of their claims.Older analog synths, and even digital ones went through batteries more quickly than more current, technologically advanced instruments do. I had a synth that required a new Lithium battery about every 14 months (Obrheim OB-1). Then an OB-8 that went for about 3-5 years. Todays synths require much less power to hold the RAM. Global,system,program and mix parameters, anything that can be edited,is stored in RAM,which draws a trickle of power from the battery while power to unit is off. The cover I mentioned is the entire top of the keyboard(screws are usually on the bottom and/or sides,I'm not sure exactly how the QS8 is cuz I have a 6.1)which will expose the cicuitry and the hidden parts of the keyboard mechanism.Battery should be easily visible on the main cicuit board. As Karl mentioned, take care when working here and make sure unit is off and unplugged.

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