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Posted by Bob on August 13, 2001 at 21:23:35:

In Reply to: pitch bend controlled by foot posted by bRIAN smITH on August 11, 2001 at 13:30:07:

: Hello, i have a Alesis QS6.1, i love the pitch bend wheel, however i would like
: to be able to controll pitch bend with my foot, using a modified expression pedal or
: something like that. That way i have both hands to play with while controlling pitch
: bend with my foot. Iam aware that the pitch bend wheel is not asigned a controller#.
: However there must be a way i can make something that will do this for me.
: Perhaps there is such a device on the market? If anyone has any ideas or suggestions
: please help. If there is indeed such a product already.......who and where.
: Many thanks

Kurzweil makes a product called the ExpressionMate. It has all kinds of controller features that appear to be quite assignable. I've only read about it, never seen one though. It costs around $400.00 bucks I think. Has several pedal and switch inputs\outputs a ribbon controller and breath control as well.The pedal input on the QS6.1 is assignable so you can control pitch wuth it if you assign it to affect the Pitch Envelope. This is done in the Modulation Matrix section of Program edit mode. But wouldn't it be easier to use aftertouch to bend pitch? That way your pedal can still control volume.

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