Is QSR much worse than 8.1?

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Posted by Gabriele on August 21, 2001 at 12:12:24:

I cannot understand why Alesis is not producing a QSR with 8.1 sounds. I have wrote them many times asking if there will ever be one out but they never replied.

I don't need a keyboard, I already have a Fatar master keyboard so I will not buy 8.1, but with the old sounds I'm wondering if the QSR is still worth the buy.

Can someone tell me if the .1 sounds are really an improvement over the old ones, and/or if I can get the same .1 sounds with a QS card for the QSR and how much would this card cost... ? ... And if such card produces exactly the same sounds or only gets near...

Also, any other comment on the topic is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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