INCORRECT Sysex DUMPS - Is it only me ?!

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Posted by Nelson Vaz on October 09, 2001 at 07:40:16:

Dear all,

Here's my current problem...

After finishing a track with my qs7.1, I dump all the data to my Cakewalk sysex window, into a bank. Usually, I load some programs into my user bank, change and save effects on one of these (the one to use as the effect channel on multitimbral mode), switch to mix mode, and start to assign programs to the various midi channels.

This all works fine, but it happened to me that, somewhere in the middle of my compositions, I need to load a previous song, and I do a SEND all data to the qs from Cakewalk. Later on, I wanna keep on going with the initial track, and so I SEND the sysex data of that song once again... but... here comes the problem! Sometimes programs on my user bank are missing!

Reasons for this... can it be that...

1) When I'm initially trying to assign some programs that I have on my sysex banks, after loading it, should I always PRESS the correspondong buttons on the QS to really "update" that sound into the user bank? Otherwise, it looks like it stays in a "TEMPORARY" state and then, when I DUMP ALL DATA TO MIDI, these new programs don't really go...

2) When I dump data into Cakewalk, say a ALL DATA TO MIDI, it happens to me *always* that the final data sent from the QS has a different lebght! Sometimes 79xxx bytes, others 78xxx, and it's never the same! Why?! Can this be causing troubles?!

Uoh, this was a long one!
Any thoughts are greatly welcome!



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