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Posted by Vlad Drac on October 10, 2001 at 09:47:17:

In Reply to: Re: New to the world of MIDI... need some pointers posted by Markku Mattila on October 10, 2001 at 03:16:50:

Thanks Markku!

Actually... I did not completely understand the meaning of mixes in the QS until now. You have explained it very well. I did some reading on the meaning of "multitimbral" in the QS8 manual and now things are starting to clear up. I am slowly starting to grasp MIDI and how it works.... it's much different from digital audio (.wav,.mp3, etc)... which I am very familiar with. I will have to figure out how to set up the MIDI tracks in my sequencer to correspond with my multitimbral channels in my 8. When I figure this out... my problems should be solved. The only thing I'm confused about in your reply is the "receiving on Channel 1 and re-channelizing to channel 2." Do I have to set up 2 MIDI tracks in my sequencer to transmit and receive data per one channel on my QS8... or can I just use 1 MIDI track to do the whole thing???

Recording MIDI information to PowerTracks (my sequencer) is as simple as recording digital audio to a wave editor. The sequencer already seems to be echoing the information back... so hopefully I won't have to worry about that setting within the sequencer. Thanks again for the help... and I will keep you posted on my progress. I'm glad I found this forum.

Vlad Drac

: Hey Vlad.

: Do You understand the meaning of mixes in the QS? They are Your multitimbral setups. You should put Your QS into a multitimbral mode in the Global menu, to do so, select Out01. Now, You have switched the QS into a local control off mode, and You are still sending MIDI information from the MIDI OUT thru the channel 1. Now You must put Your sequencer to "echo" out the MIDI data it is receiving, so You can hear what You're playing. Try to find this setting from Your sequencer's options, or settings menu. Now You have put Your equipments ready for communication. Next step is to simply select the presets You want to use in each of the 1-16 Mix's channels in the QS, and then put Your sequencer's tracks to receive information on the channels You want to use. You can now select the sounds which You want to play IN YOUR SEQUENCER. For example, You have a piano sound set up in the Mix channel 1 in the QS. If You want to play it, select the track that receives information on the channel 1 in Your sequencer. If You have a strings sound setup in the Mix channel 2, select the corresponding track in Your sequencer. Sounds complicated, but is easy in practice. This method is based in use of MIDI data's out echoing and rechannelizing. So in a nutshell, Your sequencer is receiving on the channel 1, and then it rechannelizes it to the channel 2, if You have selected a sequencer track that is set up to send out in channel 2. I use this method with my Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.0 and Alesis QS 8.1, and it works like a breeze.

: One tip:

: Remember to save Your Mix settings, so You can use it later with the sequencer project You have made.

: Markku Mattila

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