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Posted by Eric on August 16, 2004 at 14:16:02:

In Reply to: live QS mixing Question posted by et on August 16, 2004 at 09:00:23:

: When using an amp as a monitor and also running to a sound board, I would like to change the volume of my monitor mix without changing the level sent to the mixing board (so the sound guy doesn't get pissed). Can I route one set of outputs (aux or main)through one of the sliders so I can control the volume that way?

I assume you mains go to your amp, then to your mixer, but when you raise the volume on the amp for your monitoring, it also raises the level of the signal to the mixer.

Good idea, but maybe barking up the wrong tree. You can program a slider so that it controls the output of an extra out, but IIRC a program, whether by itself or in a mix, can be routed to the mains OR an aux out, but NOT both, so you've got the same problem on more signals.

Can you run your mains directlyto the mixer? If so, simple solution: run the mains to the mixer, feed your amp through the headphone jack. The volume slider will still control both outputs, but you'll be able to to adjust the level on your amp for your monitoring purposes without affecting the feed to the mixer. Keep in mind, the headphone output is most likely already preamp'd for a headphone, so it may be a hotter signal than the mains, so BE CAREFUL that you don't blow the speaker on your amp, start out with the gain on the amp VERY low!

The only thing that would screw that up is if you are micing the amp's output and sending the mic feed to the mixer.

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