Re: Can someone tell me how the QSR is different from the qs7??

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Posted by César on October 12, 2004 at 09:43:53:

In Reply to: Re: Can someone tell me how the QSR is different from the qs7?? posted by Tony Flying Squirrel on October 10, 2004 at 12:16:15:

Thanks for your help.
What I want to know is if a card sequence can play programs from the keyboard it is inserted and a QSR connected to the midi out at the same time i.e. playing some channels on the keyboard and sending the rest of the channels via MIDI out.
Hope I explained myself because I don't know much about MIDI.
I think Soundbridge gives you two options: playing the sequence in the same keyboard or playing the sequence in an external keyboard. Is this right?

: I've got the QS7 now, and I had the QSR for several years at the same time. The QSR is basically a rackmount version of the original QS series synths, the QS7 & QS8.

: I've traded patches/banks between the two units with no trouble at all. In fact, one of the easiest ways of editing for the QSR is to do the editing itself on the QS7, save to a SRAM card, then plop the card into the QSR and save the patches/banks there. You can activate the midi files from the QSR, and play along with them live on the QS7. I had mine going through the same line mixer.

: One thing that I did to assure good timekeeping was that I assigned midi Channel #11 throughout my sequences as a Click track, and in the patch/mix, that it was always assigned to aux out Left.

: The Aux left output was always routed to the "monitor in" jack on my line mixer (Roland M-120), so it wouldn't go to the house, just my own monitoring.

: I also used my QSR along with a Roland PK5 dynamic midi bass pedal. It's a 13 key one octave pedal board. I used it to play drones/pads with my feet, or also to trigger sequences that I'd create/edit in Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge software, then I'd burn them down to a Flash Ram card via Alesis's Sound Bridge software. You can do program changes on the pedal board itself completely hands free. As my primary instrument is guitar and I am a keyboardist secondly, this worked out great because some of our music had keys while I was playing guitar, some parts did not. This setup/application enabled me do do both in such a way that our music performed live was exactly as recorded. I performed close to 150 shows this way without a hitch, glitch, or error at all.
: In my taste, this setup/application really is the best of both worlds.

: Anyway, sorry about the rant. I hope that helps you.
: You can email me privately if you have any more questions.

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