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Posted by Larry K on October 17, 2004 at 20:35:43:

In Reply to: Re: Prove It! posted by Vab on October 17, 2004 at 16:20:07:

I just sent this in an email to you but I post here in case others have trouble as well I REALLY HOPE IT HELPS!

I can help a little bit I'm the on who posted that the SC-88XX driver works with my XP and QS8.

First I will assume nothing about your set up

1. You are using a serial 9 pin sub-d to mini 8-pin din cable? (see for picture of cabling).

2. You have set the set the switch on the back of the QS8 to "PC" and not "MAC"?

3. You have set on QS8 Page 15 of Global Edit to "I/O: 38.4 Kbaud" (I/O cannot say MIDI if you want to use serial cable).

4. In Sonar the MIDI is

- IN is "Roland SC-8850 MIDI in 1" (not "Roland SC-8850")?
- OUT is "Roland Serial MIDI out A" ?

No other MIDI I/O is selected in Sonar?

5. IF you have done all this it SHOULD work - if not then I am at a lose at this point - since that's exactly how mine is set up and works.

I sure hope something here helped.

I just tested my set up exactly as listed above and it works (although I normally just use MIDI I/O thru a USB MIDI Sport 2x2 into two Digital Music Corps MX-8 6x8 MIDI Patch bays - I have a lot of MIDI gear. I only use serial drive/cable when using Sound bridge for formatting and working with SRAM and FLASH cards).


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