Re: Need help with Soundbridge and Multisamples. PLEASE?!

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Posted by Quizas on October 25, 2004 at 20:54:40:

In Reply to: Re: Need help with Soundbridge and Multisamples. PLEASE?! posted by C├ęsar on October 25, 2004 at 07:27:59:


That's got to be the problem - the choir mellotron has a natural shake or 'warble' to it as the original mellotron consisted of a series of 8 second tapes recording a group of 8 male and female voices singing and holding a single note. There is a 'tuned' version of the samples on the sample CD, but, becuase I am only using the demo version of CDXTRACT, I can not convert the 'tuned' sample. I really did not understand what 'tuned' meant. (I'm still not sure i do...)

I guess I have two options: bite the bullet and use all 8 MB on the RAM card with a sample for each note, or bite the bullet and register CDXTRACT and hope that the 'tuned' version works.

Thanks for your continued comments...

: I don't know what a "mellotron" sound like but does your original ("root key") samples have a wavy sound
: ( change in pitch, volume, filter ) ??
: .
: If this is the case then that is the nature of your problem. The samples that you transfer to the QS ( or any other sample I think )should not have this kind of characteristic because the QS will play the same sound in the other keys at a faster and a slower rate to achieve other pitches. These other characteristics you want to be constant accros the keyboard, you want only a change in pitch. ( NOTE: I am making some assumptions about the kind of sound you are trying to emulate )
: Where your "mellotron" samples recorded directly from another keyboard without turning pitch, filter, effects envelopes off? You should do this if you want to have the sample as raw as possible.
: Then you should restore all this envelopes, effects, using the QS editing cappabilities.
: I will try to hear what a mellotron sounds like.

: Good Luck!
: : Cesar,

: : Thanks for your reply.

: : I _have_ listened to the samples after coverting them to .WAV format from their native akai format. They sound great as waves.

: : After reading some other people having similar problems, I've decided to give up using Awave, which people seemed to have used in the past becuase previous versions of Soundbridge didn't handle multisamples.

: : Since my last post, I've played around with Soundbridge and I've concluded that, at least for the mellotron samples in question, the root keys transfer great and sound identical to the uploaded samples. However, even one semitone off sounds really bad. It may just be a property of my choir mellotron samples. I think I'll try to make a Soundbridge multisample with a simpler, purer tone, and see what happens.

: : Thanks!

: : : It may seem like a stupid question but...

: : : have you heard the samples in advance?

: : : Soundbridge do nothing to the quality of the samples so they should sound as you hear them raw...assuming also that you are hearing them in a program without effects, modulations, etc. ( have you initilalized the keyboard to achieve this? if not press 0 and 3 while turning on the QS )

: : : If multisamples intrumentes ( I assume you are reffering to samplecell or other ) dont work maybe the problem has to do with the keyboard range assigment for each sample ( samplecell intruments already have this done for you ). In that case you can do it manually using Soundbridge ( it is difficult ) and you wont see the result until you transfer it to your QS so it will be a trial and error task.

: : : If you already know all of this then dont pay attention to this. I have not havent had any problems with SOUNDBRIDGE but I have not used multisample intruments (samplecell etc. )

: : : Hope this helps

: : : : Hi all,
: : : : I'm having the most frustrating problem that I can't seem to work out. I'm using a QS8 with the latest version of soundbridge from the Alesis site. I'm trying to send a mellotron multisample to my Flash RAM card. I've tried tons of different things - including using AWAVE to define a multisample from .WAVs, saving it as a samplecell PC file, then using soundbridge, and also using Soundbridge's native instrument create tool (it looks like it supports multisamples...) Both of these didn't seem to create a good multisample. A small range of keys sounded good and the rest awful. The last thing I tried doing was converting the samples from an Akai disk with CDXTRACT into .sf2 format, then converting to samplecell, as suggested by Chris Papageorgiou in his tutorial. That resulted in garbled noise coming from my QS8.
: : : : Could someone PLEASE kindly help me and let me know the easiest (and most effective) way to send a multisample to my synth, either using .WAVs or the native Akai format? I'd really appreciate any help you can give.
: : : : Thanks!

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