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Posted by rp on November 24, 2004 at 02:32:22:

In Reply to: QS8 settings help posted by Robin Mach on November 17, 2004 at 23:43:01:

This is how it works for the QS 7, which should be programmed like the QS 8 is:

1. Hold [0] and [3] while turning on the power (which resets it)
2. [Edit Select] then [Global] (to enter global settings)
3. [Page > ] 5 times, then [Value ^ ] 2 times (to set KBD MODE: OUT 1)
4. [Page >] 9 times, then [Value ^ ] 1 time (to set to PC 38.4Kbaud)
5. Press a key such as [Mix] to exit the global settings

* I am not sure what you mean by 'multitimbral'. Do you mean 'General MIDI: ON' or 'OFF'? By default, General MIDI mode is OFF. You can set it to ON by:
1. [Edit Select] then [Global] (to enter global settings)
2. [Page >] 6 times, then [Value ^] 1 time (turns General MIDI: ON and drops you back to a default GM mix. To turn this back off, repeat the same procedure with the Value down button)

Hope that helps!
- rp

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