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Posted by Tito on January 01, 2005 at 16:53:13:

In Reply to: Re: Boy am I stumped ! posted by jan on January 01, 2005 at 03:15:02:

I think that helps (not sure if it makes a difference that my QS isn't an 8.1) I had patched the sounds of the keyboard to be played through the "Inspector" of the Cubase software as opposed to from the keyboard program itself. None of the wires had changed, but one of my kids had changed the program setting on the QS8 and now I'm getting 2 different sounds simultaneously (programmed keyboard sound and software programmed sound) ... can that be caused by a faulty MIDI cable?

What I want is only the sound coming from the software when I play the keyboard, not as a result of the sound that's programmed from the keyboard. I hope that makes sense.
: It shouldn't matter what program or mix you have selected in the QS. There's the most common check list to go through ...

: [1] Is MIDI OUT from the Synth connected to MIDI IN on the computer?

: [2] Is channel 1 selected as the MIDI output of the QS? (or does the MIDI output channel match the MIDI input at the computer?) Use the "" buttons to select the MIDI channel ... the LCD screen will display a circle around the selected MIDI channel while you play the keyboard. (at least on the .1 series.)

: [3] Is the MIDI cable good ... yup they do fail from time to time, even new ones can get by quality control with broken wires/pins, loose solder joints.

: You can use a utility like MIDI-OX ( to prove that MIDI traffic is flowing to the computer.

: Hope this helps.

: : Have a QS8 - hooked up to a Mackie mixer, a Layla soundcard and Cubase SX software.

: : I'm more a musician than a technician, pls be gentle with me...

: : Problem: What is the correct user setting on my QS8?

: : I'm trying to get keyboard strokes from the QS8 to be interpreted by the "piano" (Grand - VST instrument) in the Cubase software?? Is it "User Prog 000" ? If so, how do I get that setting?

: : Right now, I get both sounds together (the midi sound from the QS8 and the software sound).

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