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Posted by body on June 03, 2005 at 13:35:23:

In Reply to: Re: QS8.x vs QSR sound quality posted by GinoCyber on May 08, 2005 at 23:29:02:

I have heard the .1 has an extended general midi patch set, which sound better than the run of the mill general midi patches, but who uses those anyways?

: : : Hi everyone,

: : : I'm looking to get either the QSR or a QS8.x kybd. I just want to load a patch a play it. Mainly the piano & organ sounds.

: : : Is there any audio difference between the 2 units? I allready have an 88key controller but if the sound quality of the QS8.x is actually better, then I'll get it.

: : : TIA

: : The QS6 was an anomaly. It was a step up from the quadra synth and QS6 has 1 assignable slider, 2 pedal inputs, 8mb onboard rom, 1 card slot and the L/R main output.

: : In contrast, the QS7 and QS8 both have 4 sliders, 3 pedal inputs, 16mb onboard rom, 2 card slots and 2 auxilliary 1/4" outputs and an adat optical digital output in addition to the mains. The QSR, QS7 and QS8 are the same sonically.

: : When they upgraded to .1, the 6.1 was given 4 sliders and 2 card slots. Other .1 upgrades common to 6/7/8 include dedicated transpose and sequencer buttons. Some people said they noticed an imporvement in sound on the .1's, but that could be subjective. Alesis started using the phrases "QS composite synthesis" and "QS parallel effects matrix", but I'm not sure if they actually made changes to the synthesis and effects engines (and since q-cards can work on the QS's, the .1's and the .2's, it makes me think they either didn't change it, or didn't change it much)

: : They never upgraded the QSR (no extra room for new buttons).

: :
: : AVOID THE .2'S. Alesis went backward and took away one of the card slots in exchange for a silver housing... NO NEW FEATURES.

: :
: : If you like your current controller, I would recommend the QSR. It has decent onboard sounds for what you want. It has 2 Q-Card slots, so if you want to use the classical or jazz piano q-card and the vintage keys q-card, you're set.

: : If you were to get a keyboard version, I STRONGLY recommend a .1.

: Thanks for the info.

: GC

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