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Posted by Les on July 28, 2005 at 17:13:15:

In Reply to: ***********QS8 NOT COMMUNICATING WITH CUBASE SE! :(:(:(:(********* posted by Classie83 on July 28, 2005 at 12:11:34:

A few things to check :

1. Is the game port MIDI compatible? If the game port is on a SoundBlaster compatible sound card, it should work, but only if the drivers are installed.
Many new computers have game ports, with no MIDI, so that might be an issue.

2. Make sure the MIDI cables are connected as follows : MIDI IN to MIDI OUT and vice versa.

3. Start Cubase, and check the MIDI device options. In order for it to work with any MIDI IN and OUT
device, you must select that device in the Options Menu (or something similar).
If the MIDI IN and OUT ports don't show up in the selection, your game port is either not
MIDI compatible, or the MIDI driver is not installed.

As for recording the actual sound from the keyboard, first you have to fix the MIDI connection
problem. Then you can record the MIDI data to Cubase, edit it, then play it back through MIDI
on the keyboard. Connect a pair of audio cables to your computer's audio interface (if any).
Select that audio interface as the audio input device for Cubase, and record the audio while
playing the MIDI sequence.

In case you don't have an audio interface, it's a good idea to get one. I would recommend
an inexpensive, yet high quality audio + MIDI interface, like the M-Audio Audiophile 2496.
It would solve both the audio and MIDI problems, and you could record audio in stereo.
You can get the Audiophile for $99 here : MIDI-STORE.COM

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