Samples seem to upload, don't show on QS

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Posted by Ginko on August 23, 2005 at 14:28:24:

I have my PC connected via MIDI through my soundcard's serial port. After getting the QS8 into GM mode, the PC said it has an established connection. I created a few samples and uploaded them to the QS. The instructions say to bootup the Alesis in program mode, and locate my samples as a new Group in the Voice menu. There is no new group. I'm not sure if the card is compatiable, but I'm not getting any errors when I write to it. It's from a company called Simple, it's 10megs & I have it set to 8MB. I've been through pages of www info, noone else has had this problem, so I'm hoping there's a quick fix for this.

I'm uploading wav files, and I get the message "The Card is Ready."

I'm not using the Alesis driver, when I set it in Soundbridge, my PC can no longer communicate with my Alesis.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate any help.

Thank you!


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