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Posted by Doug on October 04, 2005 at 00:34:01:

In Reply to: CANT GET SERIAL PORT TO WORK posted by RICH on October 03, 2005 at 19:33:38:

: Hi,
: Help !!

: I have a QS 7.1 and I am trying to connect it to a laptop but cant get it it to work.

: I am using Windows xp, and thru searching found that the Roland serial driver works.

: I downloaded it,and I THINK I installed it right but I cant get the laptop to "see? the QS using Sounddiver.

: I need the pinout for the cable to double check that it is wired correctly for the Alesis. I bought a MAC cable and I assume it is right but I am going to check the pin to pin lineup if someone can tell me the pinout.

: Also, Once I have connection what can I do without a flash or sram card (i dont have one yet).

: I would like to edit the sounds via pc and also play sequences from pc to QS

: Thanks
: Rich

I've had many similar issues with serial drivers and Windows XP. Worked great with Windos 98 though. I finally resorted to just using the Midi interface rather than the serial cable and it works very reliably for me, at least. As long as you're just using it to import and export patches to and from yuor user bank it works great and plenty fast enough. Once you import to your user bank then you can save those to a flash card if you get one. Or you can just work from your user bank and keep a backup of it on your computer as a sysex file. I have a bank of organ patches that you can downloadvia midi to your QS in a matter of less than 1 minute that will give you some unbelievably good Hammond sounds without having to purchase a Qcard. Also have some other good piano patches, etc. Most have been obtained from other users of this forum. If interested just post a followup with your email address to send the sysex files to. You can use the Freeloader program or Cakewalk (I use Sonar personally) to transfer the sysex between your QS and computer. Thes Hammond patches absolutely blow away the factory patches in my opinion. And if you add an expression pedal and assign it to Controller 1 in the Global edit mode, page 13, then that will give you foot control of the mod wheel, which is used to turn the lezlie on & off mostly. Hope this helps a little at least!

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