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Posted by Anonymous Bosch on October 18, 1998 at 01:46:45:

In Reply to: Used Quadrasynth questions posted by Beginner on October 17, 1998 at 18:23:15:

: I am looking to buy my first real sythsizer to replace

: my old casio keyboard.

: This dealer has very good to excellent condition

: alesis quadrasyth for $375 and Yamaha CS1x for $325.

: Are they any good deal and which one should i get? I

: have computer with cakewalk6,7,cubase sequencing

: software. I am not really looking for powerful

: synthsizer synth this will be my first real synthsizer.

: I heard quadrasynth is not GM compatiable. What does it mean?

: Is it possible to load my own samples to quadrasynth and playback?

I've got a Yamaha Cs1x, wouldn't mind having a Qs either. For a
beginner's perspective, I think the Cs1x is the board for you.
It's super easy and intuitive to use, and although it isn't the
most programmble synth, I'm still pulling out twisted unique sounds
after a year. The knobs and analog-style interface would probably make
it easier than the Qs's, although the Qs's are probably more programmable.
GM=General Midi sounds. The Cs1x has a bank of these. They're o.k. sounds
that have kind of a standard MIDI setup so that you can play MIDI songs, yours or
somebody else's, and they'll play back as intended. I don't really ever do this
though...I think it's more for traditional musicians.

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