QS8, several questions/remarks.

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Posted by Fred on October 18, 1998 at 10:15:45:

I have a QS8, it's a good machine but I've got some remarks and questions..

-There is a very nasty 60 Hz hum (at least at my synth) and I can't eliminate it's source.
I've checked it on grounded and ungrounded powersockets and checked my wiring and i couldn't detect
any error. I've shut down any possible interference sources like computer, stereo, other synths etc. but that didn't
helped. The AUX has this hum less, and i can't detect it on the Headphone-exit.
I wonder which is the cause of this hum. Is it that the main powersuply is too close to the audio-exits (om my other synth
the audioconnectors are far away of the powersupply)
Or is my grounding not too good, or is it just me.

-Has anyone noticed that you can hear some of the internal sounds in a loop when you are going below the C0. I discovered it when
I was looking for some low noises when i heard a similar loop as when my Ultrasound crashed, sounding all sounds in memory.

-I had some adress-problems with the Alesis demo-midisongs and the sysex in the software\midifiles\alesis directrory on the CD.
Then my Alesis locks up. Is this a common problem?

-Also a personal opinion about several sounds:
The piano-sounds are good, but why was the resonance-box also recorded, if i have more than one note at once, the resonance is very
irritating and making the sound sound noisier.
The extra noise in some of the sounds (e.g. Jazzhrmnc (pre2-29)) is noticable. Is this a sampling-problem or are these faults in the


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