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Posted by sam on November 19, 1998 at 03:33:05:

In Reply to: Cubasis posted by Michael Ryshpan on October 25, 1998 at 11:31:47:

Are you using the QS8 in mix mode? If I understand the problem as you describe it, it sounds like you are in program mode.

Also, mixes are very configurable so it's easy to get them wrong. When I want to get going quickly I use my "pnoprctc" (piano practice) patch, mix #1 in my bank of pianos. This is a very simple mix that has every channel enabled with a piano on every channel except channel 10 which has drums. It's super easy to reconfigure this mix from the QS front panel to put any instrument on any channel.

I also have a Cubasis template file that I always start from that has a metronome beat play on channel 10 and it plays every track on a different channel.

One more thing, there is a column in Cubasis where you set the playback channel for a track. If it's set to "any" it plays back the data on that track on the channel or channels you sent when you recorded, but you usually want to force the track to play back on a single specific channel. Just click on that column to set it.

Hope this helps!


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