Re: How to format or erase SRAM card.

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Posted by Paul Wheeler on November 26, 1998 at 10:27:10:

In Reply to: How to format or erase SRAM card. posted by Jon on November 24, 1998 at 13:37:14:

Just purchased a Pretec sram card. Apparently to format a bank on the card, you must copy over a complete QS user bank. Question is how can I format the card without copying a QS bank? Or, how can I erase all the QS user Patches from the card after copying.

: Thanks

: Jon

Hi Jon , In response to how to clear the sram card, from what I can find out , you can't. Just copy over any of the programs or mixes individually or set up a favorite custom program/mix user bank and copy it to any of the sram banks you so desire. One observation you might want to take note of, when you copy mixes to the sram, make sure you note which card slot your in if you have a qs7, qs8, or qsr. I've learned the hard way that the extra mix banks from Q-cards and expandos, etc. don't like to work when they are not in the user bank position. So I've learned to take the favorite patches from the extra banks and load them into a user bank. It's kinda complicated, but don't be afraid to experiment with mixes/Q-cards/sram banks.
Paul Wheeler

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