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Posted by Perry Holland on December 13, 1998 at 03:18:49:


I have a 'Yamaha CS1x'...but I'm not that pleased with it.

I'm thinkin about getting a 'Alesis QS6' or probably the newer 'Alesis QS6.1'?
I heard it had good acoustic sounds such as guitars/strings.(What about the acoustic piano or organ sounds?).
I heard the newer 'Alesis QS6.1 had the better piano & organ sounds that are in the 'QS7' & 'QS8'.(And more slots for the q cards).
That the piano & organs presets in the older 'QS6' are just okay...any comments on this?

I heard with the 'Vintage Synth Card' they all could produce really good phat & deep retro analogue sounds.(There's also a classic keyboards of the 60's & 70's Q card I've heard about...but I think it's mostly electric piano's & organs).

Have you heard the QS6, QS6.1, 7, or 8 with the 'Vintage Synth Card'?
The old analogue sounds I'm wanting to get close to are like from old bands like 'The Cars-Ric Ocasek', early 80's New Wave, maybe some 70's soul/disco/funk stuff. Or somewhat close to these vintage synths: Roland Jupiter-8, & Juno 106, 60, Moog, Mini-Moog, Sequential Prophet-5, ARP, PPG, etc...

I'm wanting a synth keyboard with good retro analog sounds and a decent acoustic piano & organ sounds(Preferably 'Hammond B-3..) I'll be playing mostly little melodies, chords & simple riffs with a live techno or dance music.

I was told with the'Vintage Synth Card' I could get all the retro analog sounds of the synths & band sounds I wanted in presets...I wouldn't have to program, tweak, or edit...just play it out of the box.
And thats what I'm wanting, just to have good retro analog & acoustic sounds in preset...and just play it.

There are some good Virtual Physical Modeling synths out there now...but there more for creating & shaping analog sounds.
(And they don't have good acoustic sounds....)

Know where I can buy a used QS6.1, 7or 8?

You can also contact me at


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