QS6.1 & 'Q Cards'(Does the 'Vintage Synth' & 'Classic Keyboards of 60's & 70's' have good retro vintage analog sounds & Hammond B-3)

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Posted by gholland on December 23, 1998 at 04:39:35:


I was told that not having a resonance filter on the 'QS6.1' didn't matter...you can use the lfo-linked flange
effect?(What is this and how does it work?).For gettting retro analog sounds with the 'Vintage Synth Card'
What about VCO oscillators(I think that's what it's called)that is associated with retro analog sounds.
Does it simulate this also with the 'Vintage Synth Card'? Does it have 'Portamento'...do I need this?

I thought about one the 'Virtual Physical Modeling Synthesis' keyboards-the're suppose to have great
retro analog sounds...but then you sacrifice the acoustic sounds that I want also.(So that's out...)
I'm on a budget so my choices are limited...

I had a 'Yamaha CS1x...but I just recently sold it.The analog sounds sounded a little high end, tinny, or
maybe I'm thinking digital.(Probably with editing and shaping the sounds I could have made it better...but that's not what I want or have time to do).The acoustic sounds were just okay too...

I want a synth keyboard with good retro analog sounds of the bands and vintage synths I mention below in presets...but also good acoustic sounds(piano,Hammond B-3, etc.. in presets.)Or with using the 'Alesis' q cards. 'That I can just hook up and play...

The 'Vintage Synth Card' hopefully would cover the late 70's & the early 80's New Wave sounds.
I know there's a 'Vintage or Classic Keyboards of the 60's & 70's' q card too...maybe this would cover some of the old electric pianos & Hammond B-3 sounds.( Have you heard this card as well????)
I heard the QS6.1 has great acoustic piano sounds already in it...without a q card.(It supposedly has the better piano sounds of the 7 & 8).

Anyway, the vintage synths and synth sounds of bands I want are:
Some of the early 'Cars','Missing Persons','Gary Numan',etc..(All that early New Wave 80's MTV music).
Some of the 70's music too...Kraftwerk,Parliament,Emerson, Lake & Palmer and late 70's soul/disco funk.
(The 'Vintage Synth Card' is suppose to have sampled 'Keith Emersons'moog sound by his permission...do you know?).

The actual synths I like to get close to:
Roland Jupiter-8, Juno 106, Moog, Mini-Moog,Sequential Prophet-5, ARP, PPG...

I'm a singer and I'll just be playing simple riffs & chords with a live band using it in the background...not as a lead instrument.(I'm a novice & not a keyboard player...so I'll be doing basic simple stuff). Our Music is basically 'Modern Rock/Alternative Pop'.(No techno, dance,rave. etc...)

If it works out...I'll use it in the studio as well on our next recording.

How much do the 'Q Cards' cost new anyway...can you get them used?


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