Re: Qs6 sereis is a professional synth?

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Posted by Adam Levin on December 29, 1998 at 13:57:44:

In Reply to: Re: Qs6 sereis is a professional synth? posted by chodan on December 13, 1998 at 14:14:55:

: What the Trinity and the k2500 has is sequencers
: built in and and I`m sure some other features
: but the prices are out of proportion to the added features
: compared to Alesis Synths .

Umm, I wouldn't say that. The Trinity and the Kurzweil are
in a completely different league from the Alesis synths, but
they're all "pro" boards (boards that you can take gigging and
into a studio to record albums). The pricing of the Kurzweil
(for example) reflects the fact that it's a sampler as well
as a synth, can generate its own tones without samples, and can
manipulate sounds in amazingly complex ways that the Alesis

: : I am looking to buy a good but cheap synth for composing with computer sequencer like cakewalk.
: : By the is QS6 or QS6.1 as good as pro synth like K2500 or trinity? I am pretty much sure that K2500 and trinity is definitely better than QS6 series but want to know how far if QS6 series is behind K2500 in terms of sound,funtions,value......

In what way are they better? They're different, and they have different
features and different styles and different abilities. It's all in what you need.

: : Do you consider QS6 series synth as a beginner's synth or pro synth?

It's a pro synth that's very good for beginners. It's also very good for
people like Keith Emerson. Last I checked, he wain't no beginner. ;)

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