Re: Bank changes with Cakewalk & QS8

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Posted by Chodan on January 02, 1999 at 19:33:59:

In Reply to: Bank changes with Cakewalk & QS8 posted by Patrick Purcell on January 02, 1999 at 12:59:12:

: Here we go again. I'm having the exact same
: problem that was addressed a few weeks back with
: another QS user, but haven't arrived at a solution.

: I have CW Pro-audio 7.0 and imported the QS8
: instrument definitions file to CW just fine.

: I turned GM OFF and Program select to ON, then assigned
: different banks 1-2-3-USER to different tracks.
: The QS8 still only plays the bank and channel that
: is currently selected on the QS8 display.

: Anyone had the problem and solved it? Thanks,

: -Pat
It sounds like your trying to do it like I did at first
Try this st your keyboard to mix mode userbank multitimbrle
00 this is the best mode for sequencing in cakewalk.
Then in cakewalk set the track you want to record in to its own channel
select a midi instrument the select a bank from your qs
then select a patch from that bank
Also on your keyboard go into edit mode then hit
the > button for global editing then use the page keys to scroll to
keyboard mode the scroll with the value keys to channel 1 but beware
when your sequencer is off you won`t hear any sound until you put it back into
normal or solo again.
whew hope this helps more than it confuses.

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