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Posted by Paul on January 02, 1999 at 20:18:09:

In Reply to: Programming and editing on QS series? posted by Chris Young on December 31, 1998 at 21:39:50:

: Is programming and editiong on QS synthesizer series easy especially QS6.1 and QS7? I am thinking about to getting one but liitle worrying about it b/c my last synth was too hard for me.

Hi Chris, the easiest way to learn how to program or modify the QS6.1, QS7,or QS8 is to give the manual one reading through, then spend some relaxing time at the keyboard examining what makes the preset programs or mixes tick. You can get into the voice structures by simply exploring a program you like. You may not find the QS as difficult as many synths out there, but it is certainly more versatile than many or most of the rigs under $2000.00. Also, as Erik Norlander pointed out in his Jan. '99 Keyboard Mag. article, the QS series strongest ability is to layer or stack multiple voices on top of each other, creating textures that can be versatile, rich, and fairly flexible.
The QS8 I bought last August is my first synth, and where I normally burn out or get bored with new toys I buy, I am spending more and more time at the keyboard and enjoying it! But I was very reluctant to "get inside" the programs at first, afraid of screwing something up. After I figured out that I can't break it and after downloading banks off the computer, my wife has to tear me away from the QS8 in the morning to make me go to work.
Hope these comments are of some help to you.

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