Re: Bank changes with Cakewalk & QS8

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Posted by Patrick Purcell on January 03, 1999 at 10:59:39:

In Reply to: Bank changes with Cakewalk & QS8 posted by Patrick Purcell on January 02, 1999 at 12:59:12:

Thanks, After a few more hours I think I got my
QS8 to work with the Cakewalk sequencer. My
mistake was going back to PROGRAM play mode after
setting up my sequencer. I guess the QS8 considers
all the different patches from a MIDI file to be
like an edited mix, so you need to be in the
MIX play mode under MULTITIMBRL 00.

Here's exactly what I had to do step by step in case
anyone else has the same problem:

1. Import the alesis instrument definition file
from the cakewalk web site. And follow the cakewalk
manual's instructions to import them to your
cakewalk software.

2. As stated before, make sure you use Controller 0
in the bank select method. Once you assign a channel
you'll see all the Alesis Banks and patches appear.

QS8 settings:

3. Go to GLOBAL EDIT and
a) turn General MIDI to OFF
b) turn KBD mode to CH SOLO

4. Go to ED:MIX
a) Turn the PROG ENABLE for each channel to

Seems like these last to steps (CH SOLO and
PROG ENABLE) were necessary to hear the QS8
when the cakewalk file was open.

5. Finally, page to the MULTITMBRL MIX* USER 00
in the MIX play mode (be sure you don't try to
go back to the PROGRAM play mode.


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