Re: I am13yrs old kid using nanosynth.

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Posted by Chodan on January 06, 1999 at 20:20:45:

In Reply to: I am13yrs old kid using nanosynth. posted by Alex on January 06, 1999 at 19:47:35:

I make drum parts one loop at a time by first doing the kick bass part
then the hihat then snare and so on each on a different track
I then quantise as needed then combine all the tracks to one
I usually keep them to 2 or 4 measures so copy and paste to different sections is easier
then I add fills and crash cymbles where required.
here is a sight that has some premade loops to play with that sound really good
playing with the tempo really changes the character of some of these loops to.
: Hello. I am 13yrs old kid and just entered midi world.
: My dad bought me a 61key master contoller and Alesis nanosynth module during this Christmas as a gift.
: I hooked up everything correctly and ready to compose my first song but I have a problem. My problem is how do you make good drumbeat using nanosynth and how do you loop them? I am sure nanosynth have many good drum kits.
: I am having hard to figuring out which is which and what is for what. I only know how to play piano a little bit and that's only talent I have. I have never experienced with synthesizer and midi things.
: By the way can drumbeat be translate into staff in cakewalk?
: Someone help me.

: My setup.
: Fatar 61key controller
: Alesis Nanosynth
: Pentium 200mmx and 64mb ram computer with cakewalk6 loaded.
: Midiman winman4x4 midi interface.

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