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Posted by Patrick on January 10, 1999 at 20:23:52:

In Reply to: cakewalk reverb,courus qs6 posted by jan Edman on January 10, 1999 at 17:25:58:

: why cant i use the faders in cakewalk to change reverb and courus and more?
: i can only cange the volym,panning and modulation.
: i owned a yamaha cs1x before and with that it was no problem.

OK, experts, you'll have to correct me if I don't have this correct
since I just got my QS8 a week ago.

First, It's well worth while to really study the
Alesis manual that came with your synth . . .
really study it and play with the synth to learn
what the manual doesn't spell out sometimes too

As for the Alesis not responding to reverb and
other effects, I noticed that right off with
my QS8. If the QS6 is like the QS8 in effects editing,
maybe this will help:

I haven't tried this, but it looks like the QS's
leave the implementation up to you through the
effects edit MOD function. You have to assign
a MOD SOURCE (such as Aftertouch, Mod Wheel,
Pitch Wheel, Controllers A-D) and a
MOD DESTINATION (i.e., Reverb Level). On the
QS8, you have 2 Modulators you can assign this
way (Mod1 and Mod2).

Once these are set up, you can change the 2 effects
through Cakewalk.

I plan on setting up the Reverb Level to MOD 1
so that the Cakewalk Studioware view will control
this on my QS8 as well as my Roland as a mixer.

An easier way to mix is to edit your Alesis Mix
and Effects, then save them to a user bank. You
can still change the intrument assignments to the
16 channels, but your Reverb, Delay, ... will
be set. All you have to do is go to MIX Play mode,
type in the MIX # you want, then start Cakewalk.
The effect you've saved for this mix can include
your MOD1 and MOD2 settings so cakewalk will
control the Reverb (other other effect destination)
you want it to.

That's probably a bit confusing, but keep playing
with it and learn to edit mixes and effects first.
It takes a bit of time. Have fun.


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