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Posted by Paul on January 11, 1999 at 22:00:49:

In Reply to: Sanctuary card posted by Shane on January 11, 1999 at 00:29:27:

: You say you have the Sanctuary card, hmmmm, I was considering it myself. I wasn't very impressed with the demo. Could you tell me more about sounds on it?

Hi Shane,
Ive had a chance to try all three banks of progs. and mixes on the Sanctuary card. As mentioned before, these setups are strongly geared for keyboard players in a contemporary Christian or "blended" worship setting (whether or not Alesis ment it that way is ????).
The pipe organ samples are very good (positiv, principal, scharf mixture, full pipes, pipe chiff). The organ "trompette" sounds like an old 1972 Allen organ digital sample [YUK], but then I voice pipe organ trompettes 50 hours a week for a living. The tonewheel/drawbar type samples are fine, they're not as aggressive as the built in QS7/8 samples. A few of the progs and mixes sound very much like a decent theater pipe organ when you flip the mod wheel on full (YAAHOO, that will make the old ladies in church pee there panties!!).
The E.P.'s are numerous and full of variety. An entirely different FM tines, Soft tines and VelAtkTine AND 6 (six) different E.P. Waves on top of that (more variety than on the QS).
More harpsichords, GlasCelest, All the bells you can imagine. The best Handbell samples (ring and table damp) I've heard since the Kurzweil 250's.
The "voice" SAMPLES include; Choir Ahh, Male Ahh, Female AHH, Choir Meh, Choir NNN (AHH-MEHH-NNN)corny,-but-it-works, Classical AHH, Ensemble AHH, Ensemb OOH, Chorus OOH, Boys choir(good above middle-C), Solo voice. You can imagine the number of different progs and mixes Alesis set up from this many different samples.
The brass are limited to C Trumpet and Bb Trumpet, but they're pretty flexible in tuba/trombone range. Nice Flutes, Recorders, Harp, 5 Wave sounds, 2 inharmonics, analog pad sample
Windchimes loop, Zimbelstern loop(classical organists love this one!) Rain(really wet too!), Reswind which has some really great wind, storm, and earthquakes settings. And THE BEST Crickets-loop sample I've ever heard!!! (the only one I've ever heard).
Overview; It's a great card if you want to drag your rig into church and embarass a pompous organist or church with an AVERAGE pipe organ. The progs and mixes for the pipe organs are pretty well done for a synth (thanks to much layering of voices). The pad sounds are very good for those who live for that sort of sound and quite usable in a contemporary church where you won't get crucified for bringing that "new age" sound into the music program. Someone at Alesis has a pretty good handle on what classical/contemporary fanatics like me are trying to do in churches.
Better sit down with this card and try it out for @ 3-4 hours before you buy it!
Hope this helps you out.
Paul W.

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