Pitch Shifting Question

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Posted by Sonny on January 15, 1999 at 21:53:56:

Hi Guys,
A while back, someone posted a tip on how to get a nice DX7 classic rhodes EP sound. On one of the sounds in the program he says:
"Sound 3 is raised in pitch 2 semitones and dropped back down using the pitch envelope at -7. This was a remnant of the patch settings I started with. Works fine, but I wondered why this is done! Is it to shift the samples and avoid phase cancellation or what?"
MY question is, EXACTLY which Pitch Envelope parameter is dropped to -7?
I tried all the parameters in the Pitch Envelope button and NONE of them seem to undo the 2 semitone raise.
I hope someone can answer my question, and then maybe answer his, as to why it is done that way.
Thanks for your help!

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