Re: QS6 banks in Cakewalk

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Posted by Patrick Purcell on January 30, 1999 at 23:48:42:

In Reply to: QS6 banks in Cakewalk posted by Johan Gren on January 30, 1999 at 11:34:19:

Hi Johan,
In cakewalk, make sure you've selected a channel for
the track you want, then make sure you have the
ALESIS QS6 selected for that channel under the
track properties->assign instruments menu.

After I've done that, I get:

1-Alesis QS8

in my PORT window.

Once that's done, make sure controller 0 is
selected for the BANK select method.

That should give you the bank choices in the
BANK: drop down box. I get:

1-QS8 Pre1
2-QS8 Pre2
3-QS8 Pre3
4-QS8 Pre4 GM

If you select one of these, you'll see the
correspoding patch (instrument) choices in
the PATCH: drop-down menu.

If you can't do any of that, I'd recopy the
ALESIS QS6 instrument definition file from
cakewalks web site and re-import it into
your copy of cakewalk. If that yields no
luck, you might post your question to the
cakewalk newsgroup (just search for cakewalk
news under yahoo.)


: I have a problem with Cakewalk Pro Audio 8. When I change a instrument within the program, it only sends information about the instruments number, not the bank. So if I change from an instrument in PRESET1 to let's say instrument number 81 in PRESET2, the QS6 only changes the instrument to number 81, it is still in PRESET1. What should i do? I have ofcourse imported the Alesis QS6 instrument definitions, so it looks ok in the program, but as I said, it doesn't change the banks.

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