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Posted by Dan Halbert on February 01, 1999 at 16:00:45:

In Reply to: Wireless Nanosynth???? posted by Jaime Miguel on February 01, 1999 at 15:10:42:

: I played the EWI Yamaha's WX7 electronic wind instrument and I connect it to the Alesis Nanosynth.
: I made a fishing jacket and hung the battery pack for
: the ewi on the right side and the nanosynth on the left side, I also hung a samson wireless pack connected to the nanosynth output.

: I am almost wireless but the nanosynth still powered
: by a DC supply.

: How many batteries will it take to power the NANOSYNTH??

If I remember right, the wall-wart power supply for NanoSynth is 9V AC (not DC).
Depending on the power-supply circuitry inside the NS, you -may- be able to supply DC to the power jack, but one would have to look at the circuitry to figure out how much.
(If the AC goes directly to a bridge rectifier, this could work. But one would need to measure what the inside DC is when normal AC power is supplied, and then supply
outboard DC that compensates for the diode voltage drops, etc.). And if the AC is used for anything AC-ish (transformer, frequency-counting circuitry), you can't do it.

Supplying DC to several pieces of equipment at once from the same batteries may get you into ground-loop or DC flowing through the interconnect cables. This
could cause serious problems and maybe burn something out.

I'd be really careful. It would officially void your warranty, I'm sure.
Get someone well-versed in electronics to help you.


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