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Posted by Paul Wheeler on February 07, 1999 at 17:51:48:

In Reply to: Expression pedal for modulation posted by Larry on February 06, 1999 at 08:47:41:

: I assigned an expression pedal to volume, and another to modulation. While the
: modulation pedal works fine with lead sounds, like 1/104, it does not affect organ lezlie
: (like 1/20) or flanging (like 2/57) even though the modulation wheel does. Any ideas?
: Thanks.

Hi Larry, It,s really not too involved to use the pedal for leslie changes, but you must save the setup in your user bank OR s-ram card banks.
Here,s how you do it;
Select an organ voice with leslie effect already in it from any program bank, then press edit select twice to ED:PRG EFFECTS,then press 60 (mod),press page right to page 4 which will say MOD WHL, then press value up 5 times to PED 2, then press program. Try the pedal to see if it changes the leslie speed of the current selection, if it does, you MUST save this voice into either a user bank or s-ram card. If you don't save the voice, you will loose the abitity to change the leslie speed as soon as you select another program voice or bank. Hope you find this useful. Paul W.

p.s. I saved ALL of the hammond type organ programs (all 4 banks) into an s-ram card using the ped 2 to change the leslie speed. Each voice had to be done one-at-a-time!!!! (but it was worth it!)

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