QS7 Sound Frustration

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Posted by Rick on February 27, 1999 at 14:36:27:

Hello All,

I recently took on the "job" of playing keyboards for my cover band (I was previously a bassist - I've been playing piano for a long time, though.). I decided, after some investigation, to get an Alesis QS7 due to it's sound quality / price ratio - plus, I can hook it up to my computer, etc....

Anyway, I've always felt great about the sounds as they come out of the headphones I use at home. I have found, though, that many of the sounds are very tinny and thin when coming through a PA (it's a good PA...). When playing with the band, these patches sound like an empty high pitched overtone, that can even be piercing at times. I've tried playing with the EQ settings on the PA, as well as plugging directly into a bass amp with pretty much the same results. I notice this on the Piano sounds, the horn sounds, and some of the organs (ABCDrawbar, for example). The Blues Organ and some other patches are great, though, so it's not a problem with the entire synth.

1) would I be able to solve this through editing the sounds, or is it beyond help?
2) Do Q-Cards have the same problems?
3) Would running the QS7 through some type of EQ device / pedal help?

4) anyone out there who uses the QS7 in a cover band who could offer advice, favorite sounds, etc??

thanks a lot !!!


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