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Posted by Paul Kammeyer on March 03, 1999 at 08:47:13:

In Reply to: Re: QS8 individual note volume posted by Markus Nentwig on March 02, 1999 at 13:40:42:

Tried this. Even through my home stereo with Bose Accoustimass system and varying EQ. The G3 has a definate brighter louder tone. Guess I will call Alesis.

: No, this does not make sense. I suggest you try it with different piano settings, and if the problem persists, contact your dealer.
: Use headphones for testing, or if you've been using, take another pair. It is possible that the speakers/headphone you've been using has some uneven frequency response (plainly spoken, the properties of the speakers change with the pitch of the tone you're playing)

: I had a similar problem with my old Korg 707 (which is, by the way, the ONLY keyboard that was partly designed in wind-channel-experiments :-) , a key-contact was not working properly there.

: Markus

: PS: another way to test it if you have a sequencer:
: record the MIDI-data that is created when you slide with your hand over the keyboard.
: The look at the event-list. If the volume of G3 differs too much from the other keys, there is something wrong.

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