Q6 USER bank all F***ed up

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Posted by Justin Lofling on April 03, 1999 at 12:27:22:

Well, I was at the Alesis homepage and downloaded some QS6 programs. I then went into Cakewalk and loaded the sysex programs and sent them (Without really knowing what I was doing). All the new user sounds were silent. I was pissed so I reinitialized my QS6 (power on holding 0 and 3). Now only a few of my user presets work. The multitimbral setting can't play any sounds and doesn't appear to be receiving any midi when midi is being sent to it. The QS6 does recognize midi in program mode though. Also alot of the user presets are mispelled (i.e. &eja Hitz (user 127), &eal Rock (user 120), Ballad &ey (user 06). The demos still work fine, but for some reason I can't use the user multitimbra setting. Does anyone know why? Also, I used to get this "Address Error" (or something like that) and the QS6 would freeze up. Any help on how I can restore my QS6 to the way it was when I bought it is greatly appreaciated. Justin Lofling

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