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Posted by J. Gummere, Prop. on April 11, 1999 at 03:54:26:

In Reply to: Re: Probably Simple Question on QS6 Effects posted by Jaakko Tuomivaara on November 17, 1998 at 13:09:46:

: : this mean that i can basically set up 4 different
: : 'settings' of effects (like one with overdrive,
: : leslie, and reverb.. and one with reverb and delay, etc) and choose which one i want for each program?

: Yes. That's basically it. Ofcourse you can only use those types
: of effects which are included in the current configuration. These
: configurations and the effects and routings they consist of are
: detailed in your manual.

: : And in MIX mode...

: Well. You probably have understood that there's only one effects
: processor inside the synth. Now that's fine for a single patch(or
: program as they're called in the QS) but when you have 16 patches
: inside one MIX, and have to manage with its more problematic.

: The way I do it is to make two versions of a program. One is the
: usual program for just playing around and one is tailored (effects-wise)
: to make the best possible use of the single effects configuration
: available to the whole MIX. It's a drag, but it's the same with
: any synth. My old TG33 only had one effect per MIX, so if you wanted to
: have distortion you could forget about any reverbs or delays. And remeber
: that the individual sounds inside the program can be routed to any of the
: four sends of the effects configuration in the MIX also.

: If you didn't grasp it, feel free to ask for clarification.

: J

You can also send the dry signal from a given Mix channel to an external FX box through the AUX L/R outputs (in Mix mode: select a channel, then hit the Edit button, then Button 60 (LEVELS), go to page 4 and set PROG OUTPUT to AUX)..
that's one way to avoid the QS Mix FX channel "sharing" bottleneck, if you've run out of configuration options.. (that's assuming you _have_ an external module, of course.. any old stomp box will do, though).

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