Weird changes in middle of MIDI recording

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Posted by Walt T. on April 12, 1999 at 21:18:48:

I would appreciate any help someone could give me. I just recently obtained a QS8. I'm running Cakewalk Home Studio 8.0 on a Pentium 233mmx with 64 megs of ram. Sound card is a Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold. I'm using the serial adapter to connect the synth to the PC, and I believe that I have the latest version of the software. Here is what's happening:

First, periodically the pitch on the synth will drop by a half step. I have perfect pitch, so this is very noticeable to me. To correct it, I need to navigate on the synth to transpose, push a couple of buttons to get back to "00" and hit "Program." Then everything is fine. It does seem like the synth is receiving some kind of signal from the PC to mess with my ears, however.

Second, when I'm recording, everything will be going along fine when all of a sudden, with no warning, the patch will change. It's completely unpredictable. The recording will go from True Stereo piano to some weird synth sound or something.

Please help. I'm new at this, and it's driving me crazy.

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